In this document the educator of class 1/a speaks  about her  experiences in the first semester.

And I think, the progress is that- also in my case, I said earlier, I don’t speak Romani, come on, it disturbs me, I don’t understand it. And now children dare talk, and educators use it in class even intentionally. They involve it in their lessons. That is, I think a huge progress from where we started. And I think, it doesn’t disturb anything, they understand it the same grade, even better. They use it more freely. The relationship between educators and students is getting better, because it is not regulative, only in Hungarian. And we begin to realize its benefits, and we obviously take more and more advantage of it.” (Educator of the school) – Here you can read about the experiences and point of views of other educators using translanguaging principles at practices at the school (in Hungarian).

With the help of the document “Reflections on translanguaging lessons” , teachers can quickly and briefly note down their impressions gathered during a translanguaging lesson. Reflection documents are collected monthly and analysed at the Translanguaging workshops. (In Hungarian).