movie project

The aim of this sub-project is to create translanguaging videos which are based on both Hungarian and Romani as well as orally as by creating the subtitles. (In case of Romani, transparent writing is being applied that follows the pronunciation). Subtitles are given according to necessity and intention, ministering the communicative goals and not comprehensively. The videos are culturally relevant (they are dealing with the cultural values of the students’ community), and have been created in order to support learning (Using these videos help to elaborate on a given theme of the curriculum)

The topics of the 12 videos:

1) Local modes of speaking, Romani language

2) Tales and other epic features in the community’s oral traditions

3) Songs and Lyrical elements (Giji)

4) Gastronomy: local dishes, eating habits

5) Connections between Roma and non-Roma in the town

6) Family farming

8) The elderly in the community

9) The history of the neighbourhood 

10) The „majoros” quarter as a natural and as a built-in area

11) Housing

12) Sports